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✨ Call for our starting prices is for a home or rental under 1800 square feet, is no more than 3 rooms, for 90 days. *Additional fees will be added for additional rooms and/or longer terms beyond 90 days. Please call for pricing. ✨


1800-2800 Sq Ft

A home or rental 1800 - 2800 square feet, is no more than 3 rooms, for 90 days. *Additional fees will be added for additional rooms and/or longer terms beyond 90 days. Please call for pricing.

Condos / Homes Over 2800 Sq Ft

Please call for pricing.

Dapper Digs Home Staging Mod Design in Philadelphia

New Construction

Dapper Dig's new construction, model, and builder packages showcase new construction and remodels in a way that buyers fall in love with the house from the moment they walk in. We understand buyer demographics, selling strengths, and numbers prior to preparing a plan. Our on-trend inventory and expertise complement each home, aiming for the right price positioning. Dapper Dig's diverse inventory can showcase any style of a new construction home be it modern, mid-century modern, transitional, farmhouse, or other.

Vacant Home Staging

90% of home searches start online and buyers make an impression even before they walk in. Staging a vacant home is an investment in a faster and better sale. A Dapper Digs staged home is met with a WOW when buyers walk in. We have a high attention to detail and choosing the right furniture for each job. We have a large inventory so we can choose the furniture that is best for the space. Each design is specific to staging for the home. Our home staging creates an emotional response as it invites potential home buyers to envision themselves, as well their family and friends, in the space.

Dapper Digs Home Staging Design in Delaware County


When listing your house, while you are occupying it, you may still have furniture in it. No worries, Dapper Digs will help you redesign your home using your existing furniture and fixtures. The goal of a redesign is to assist you with the removal of clutter, and showcase for potential buyers your home's charm and functionality.

Dapper Digs Downsizing Design


Thinking about downsizing? Great idea. Get money in hand for the things you no longer handle regularly. You may be moving or simply moving things out to clear space. Or, maybe you just want to know how to downsize and simplify your life. Regardless of why you are downsizing, we can help. Moving all the contents of a home that you have lived in for many years to a smaller home is not possible due to space limitations. To transition to a smaller more suitable space requires organization and planning. Dapper Digs can assist you with both. We help you determine what items you want to take to your new home, what items you want to give to family members, what items can be donated to a charity, and what needs to be thrown out.

Before Staging

Dapper Digs Home Staging Before Patio Room

After Staging

Dapper Digs Home StagingAfter Patio Room

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